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Welding Curtain GL2025-9383 5x6 w/Grommets

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Woven with texturized, less irritating, glass yarns for optimal thermal performance and handling. Just 18 oz/sy provides lightweight protection against sparks and slag when used vertically. Layering the fabric will increase protection. We weave, heat-clean, cut and sew these curtains right here in our Maine facilities.

  • 100% military grade fiberglass cloth used by the US Navy
  • ANSI-FM 4950 Rated as a CURTAIN for Hot Work
  • Heat cleaned to a bronze color to lower smoke generation when used in enclosed areas. Meets US Coast Guard Spec.
  • Texturized yarns reduces raveling when cut
  • Protects up to 1000 deg F continuous
  • Melting point 1400 deg F
  • GL2025-9383 is woven to 60” (5’) width, eliminating seams that can deteriorate on the job.
  • 5’x6’ is the perfect size when used as a curtain to protect an area from random sparks and slag during hot work.