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Welding Pad PGL2000 5x8 w/Grommets

p/n: 50-5703

A fiberglass carbon composite developed to enhance the thermal performance of our fiberglass fabrics - PAD rating by ANSI/FM 4950 testing. BUY AMERICAN!

Fire Quilt SGLP14 4x8 w/Grommets

p/n: 90-8501

Modular welding blanket for those workers on the go - Highest rating of PAD by the ANSI/FM 4950 standard - It really is the best portable welding blanket ever made. And it’s made right here in the State of Maine in our facilities. BUY AMERICAN!

Welding Blanket SAS2400-1 5x8 w/Grommets

p/n: 80-1028-36

96% amorphous silica - Designed for outdoor hot work. A special silicone coating on one side only to protect from the elements, while not overpowering the thermal protection of silica. BUY AMERICAN!